Peace & Possibility


 Are you ready to enter the zone of Peace & Possibility?

Peace and Possibility is an empowering three-hour private integrative coaching experience that brings you back into alignment with your truest self. 


 What’s possible with personalized integrative coaching and mentoring?   

  • You will have the benefit of expert eyes helping you frame the best questions to unlock your genius. 

  • You’ll receive gentle encouragement, firm accountability, and joyful celebration of your progress, to help you feel fully seen and heard as the unfolding beauty you are. 

  • Together we will strengthen your talents, clarify your desires, and reframe your challenges, so you can relax into trusting yourself, reliably access your intuition and inner healing intelligence, then be able to handle obstacles with grace and skill.  




"What I love about these holistic integrative sessions is how comprehensive yet detailed we can be. We will draw on a myriad of practices designed to meet you where you are and take you to the next level." - Maureen


What's included in your immersion? 

  • Pre-session homework so you feel prepared to have the best possible experience. 

  • Three hours of my focused and expert attention to welcome all of you, so you are fully seen and heard, guided and sure, celebrated and honored.

  • A recording of your session for review and study, so you can continue to glean and integrate insights and inspiration for your transformative journey.

  • Follow-up, doable practices that keep you on a steady path towards peace and possibility.

  • A plan of solutions you can return to whenever you feel stuck.

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Peace & Possibility Immersion  Special Offer $495 (Value $675)

Available for a limited time only.



PLUS! Those who register by the end of TODAY will receive an additional FREE Bonus ticket to my next "Magical Mastermind" small group coaching event on Dec. 2, 2023. (Value $225.) 

Have you Experienced the "Magical Mastermind?"

Group support liberates us from fear and gives us lift off so we can SOAR!  

A powerful tool for bringing clarity, focus, and synergy alive in a group, the Magical Mastermind serves to bring your heart goals to life.

If you have not yet experienced a Mastermind, you will be amazed at the exponential benefits of gathering the energy and resources of wise colleagues and releasing your desires into sacred safe space.  

You will be guided and prepared so you can speak your intentions and deepest longings with courage and clarity.

I can’t wait to welcome you!  


What my clients are saying?

“I feel more accepting of the whole of myself!"

"At the time of the Magical Mastermind, I was aware of difficulty maintaining the priority of physical self-care, and questioned my ability to choose a loving partner. I felt like a failure and unable to be loving towards myself. I responded to Maureen’s invitation to the event in order to explore feelings I found difficult to process on my own. Maureen’s combination of humor, warmth, and steady focus immediately put me at ease.

 I loved that each participant was encouraged to provide feedback to the others so we could share our collective wisdom. I had an awareness during the Mastermind about my inner belief in lack; that the "less than" message is a common experience of life and being in community. As a result, I feel less judging of myself, more accepting of the whole of myself."



“I can connect with others yet also honor my boundaries!”

  “Before joining Soul Spark, I felt anxious and uncomfortable speaking from my heart in groups. I withdrew from some engagements and felt disconnected and lonely in group dynamics.

 In Soul Spark’s ongoing circle, I felt safe and supported to move forward towards healthy, productive goals. Now I feel more confident and can tap into my authentic self when sharing in a group. I feel more connected and willing to connect with others, and at the same time honor my own healthy boundaries.”

~ CYNTHIA S., Chiropractor



“I’m more connected to my creativity!”

"Before Soul Spark I struggled with making time for myself. As an artist, I felt frustrated and disconnected from my personal creativity and goals. I would spin my wheels with no idea how to reconnect.
Soul Spark woke me up and gave me permission to trust my inner compass. Now I have a sense of roominess in my day that allows me to make choices in alignment with me! I truly feel like I’m more “in my life.” By bringing stuck feelings to daylight, I am more connected to my creativity and the building my business. Thank you for fostering the circle as a delightful place for growth and awareness."

 ~  N. BURGER, Graphic Designer


Terms & Conditions: Please be advised, dates and times for the Magical Masterminds to be decided by group availability. (Stay tuned for more specific info and a Doodle Poll to find the best fit for all.) Peace & Possibility deep dive session to be completed by June 30, 2021. No refunds issued after March 15th. However, your tuition can be applied to my future 2021 programs.