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Meet Your Coach: Maureen Murphy

"We are each on an evolutionary journey, accessing and expressing more of ourselves, always becoming.  I saw this most clearly as I was going through a painful healing crisis several years ago. Things I held as truths no longer seemed to be so. I began to turn them over one by one. For a time, my world seemed broken and I felt very much alone. I soon discovered that many people had gone before me on what I now recognize as a rich inner journey. Though many resources were available, the greatest one I found was within me. I now appreciate this crisis as my opportunity to become someone more, and to encourage you to tap your own inner resources."


Maureen Murphy, a holistic chiropractor, resilience coach, mindfulness meditation teacher, and health educator, practiced in Oakland, California for 30 years before making San Miguel de Allende her home. She has seen first-hand how inner conflict and misalignment with your true self robs you of vitality. Maureen teaches us that loss, soul pain, and illness present clear opportunities to change course and that true healing begins with a choice.

Maureen loves the transformative possibilities of a great story! She delights in facilitating the re-imagining of your story and draws on empowering techniques from the fields of neuroscience, somatic healing, coaching, mindfulness,  speaking, metaphysics and more. Her extensive training as a Taiko performer encouraged her to look beyond the unsustainability of hierarchy and to embrace the enduring power of creative partnership. In 2014 she created and continues to lead the empowering Soul Spark Women's Connecting Circles.

 Maureen's combination of humor, intelligence and compassion, coupled with her steadfast belief in your potential, combine to create evolutionary shifts. She has a knack for finding what works and weaving it into creative and accessible healing practices for everyone.


As a healer and teacher, Maureen dedicates herself to facilitating personal freedom as a requisite to transforming our world. She is passionate about our evolution in consciousness and explores her own life as a learning lab. Her love of learning led her to travel extensively in her youth, and continues to engage her on inner journeys. 

In addition to adventuring, Maureen enjoys organic gardening, scintillating conversation, creating sacred space, hiking in nature, meditation, and yoga. A native New Yorker with Irish roots, Maureen made the San Francisco Bay Area her home for 35 years before moving to Mexico. She feels enriched by diverse cultural influences and community, wherever she lives.

Maureen is an inspired teacher, a gifted healer and an artist who shares generously from what she's learned on her own inner journey.


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