Pearl Diving

I recently recited my poem at the DFY Women's Resilience Retreat and was asked to share it more widely. 


One day, when your string of pearls breaks, scattering

its wisdoms—not softly, over satin—but clattering

carelessly into the sink, shattering frail certainties


and rushing like rain down the hardwood stairs,

like hail stones pelting their turbulent truths

out the front door, you will stand on the threshold.



Even Fairy Tales Need to Evolve

I came across this blog I wrote in 2007 and was struck by how pertinent it still is today! What do you think?

Fairy tales can be useful teachers at any time of life.  This became clear to me as I was going through a healing crisis several years ago. The life I knew was falling apart and I felt broken.  Somewhere deep inside was a sense of being flawed forever.  A little rhyme started playing in my head, “All the king’s horses, and All the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again.” Then one morning, I had an epiphany.  Humpty Dumpty was an egg!  He was always meant to crack open so something new could emerge. I became curious about the rest of his story.  I realized I too had an opportunity to transform into someone brand new.