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 How do you keep your passions alive in challenging times?


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  • Respond rather than react to difficult situations, embodying your full presence, poise, and emotional balance, so you can ride life's waves with skill and confidence.

  • Trust yourself to give and receive in dynamic balance,  caring for yourself and your community, so you can show up in integrity, and still have time for your own creative pursuits. 

  • Ask for what you need and want with confidence and kindness ~ free of blame, shame, guilt or defensiveness ~ so you can enjoy connecting in soul satisfying relationships.

  • Express your truest self, naturally and authentically, so you can attract the best clients, collaborators, and co-creators into your magical life.

  • Enjoy sharing your gifts and serving those who count on you with greater ease, energy, and effectiveness.




  • Are you standing on the threshold of an exciting venture, yet terrified of repeating patterns that have led to overwhelm, exhaustion, and disappointment in the past?  


  • Do you long to be at peace with yourself,  - to finally set aside those clinging doubts,  inner conflicts, and limiting beliefs, so you can relax into your true self and connect with others more honestly?


  • Are you searching for a new mission, for freedom and inspiration, for the meaning and purpose that would make sense of your future and your place in it?   



My name is Maureen Murphy, and I prepare women leaders, healers, and soulful professionals like you, to let go of limits and move gracefully through transitions, towards your true calling.

Our work together supports you in taking liberating next steps so you can grow beyond present challenges, stay centered and aligned while navigating key relationships, and evolve your commitments to fit who you are becoming. 

As your coach, I help you develop and integrate new skills so you can feel whole, resilient, and ready to craft the next  fulfilling phase of your life's journey! 

How do YOU  want to grow to meet the mystery and opportunity of this magic moment? 




Our work together supports and sustains your transformation through several available formats:


Resilience and Radiance Coaching: a 9 month, private coaching engagement to help you release limits and consistently allow your best to shine through. Start as soon as you are ready! Email me now to set up a complimentary Discovery Session.


Magical Masterminds:  A visioning workshop in which you explore and expand your dreams and goals, gather momentum, and share wisdom and resources in an intimate group of adventurous women.  Spring 2024 Mastermind Dates:  TBA. Register at Events tab above.


Soul Spark Women's Connecting Circles: Live on Zoom! A committed monthly circle series to support your spiritual evolution, and develop personal and professional resilience skills to uplift your health, wealth and relationships. Current series in progress.  Email me for more info!


Peace and Possibility Immersions: a 3 hour, laser focused and holistic coaching session to help you make lasting inner shifts and take aligned actions with greater ease and confidence. Available by appointment.


Mindfulness Day-Retreats:  Live and in person! We  gather at the lovely Tikkun Eco Center in San Miguel de Allende, Mx, on he first Sunday of each month, (10 am to 4 pm.) Next Day Retreat: TBA


Resilience Retreats: three day retreats to refresh your spirit and soothe your soul. Gain fresh insights and connect to a welcoming community of inner adventurers as we immerse in nature and share nourishing foods, soulful inquiry, mindful movement, and meditation.  Return to your life with fresh perspectives and a sense of belonging. Next in-person retreat to be held in San Miguel de Allende, MEXICO, TBD. Stay tuned for details.





The pain of remaining stuck in the too small story you've outgrown, the fear of stepping out beyond the known and your comfort zone, the increased pressure from all sides - can actually prepare you to see and seek a new vision, a new opportunity.

The adventure calls to you, but that doesn't mean you have to figure it all out by yourself.

You are an extraordinary woman, ripe for a fresh perspective, always on your growing edge, reaching for more...

Working with a skilled coach  helps you gain the clarity, resources, and support you need for your transformative journey.

Are you ready to answer the call?


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