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My name is Maureen Murphy and I help women leaders, visionaries, and soulful professionals to take the next courageous step in your evolution. Whether it's a baby step, or a giant leap into the unknown, our work together prepares and guides you to grow beyond the threshold of your present circumstances, and become the next greatest version of YOU. 

How do YOU  want to grow to meet the mystery and opportunity of this magic moment?  Are you ready to unleash your dynamic and feminine heart qualities into our trembling world at this auspicious time?

When it's time to grow, YOU KNOW it! The pain of remaining stuck in a  too small space you've outgrown, outweighs the fear of stepping out beyond your comfort zone.  The adventure calls to you, but that doesn't mean you have to figure it all out on your own.  You are an extraordinary woman, ripe for fresh perspective, always on your growing edge, reaching for more! 

What's next for you?

Are you standing on the threshold of something grand, yet a bit too daunting? Longing to be at peace with yourself- to finally set aside those clinging doubts,  inner conflicts, and limiting beliefs so you can relax into your true self? Or, are you searching for a new mission, for meaning and purpose to make sense of your future?   As your coach, I help you develop those parts of you that need to grow, so you can be whole and ready,  for the next phase of your journey to be even more extraordinary and satisfying! 


  • Respond with poise and emotional balance to difficult situations.

  • Trust yourself to give and receive in balance. 

  • Find inspiration for your own creative pursuits and dreams.

  • Feel confident in expressing your truest self, naturally and authentically.

  • Enjoy fulfilling your mission and serving those who count on you, with greater ease, energy and effectiveness.


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